MICM Property Leads the Way in Water Conservation Management

Water Conservation Management

Together with South East Water, MICM Property’s Owners Corporation Department has been working with a prominent residential building in Southbank to reduce the amount of drinking water used for fire testing at the building.


As part of complying with regulations, Southbank Towers’ residential apartments use approximately two million litres of drinking water annually to test their fire sprinkler systems.


Works completed at the site were partially funded by South East Water and included adjustment of pressure relief valves and the installation of new pressure regulating valves to reduce the volume of water discharged.


Another big water saver is the installation of a tank to capture the test water for recirculation. A provision has also been incorporated for the removal of the annual test water to be reused for the benefit of the community for parks, gardens or sporting facilities. By completing the above works, over 95% of the test water now is saved from discharge to waste.


Southbank Towers Owners Corporation Manager, Margot Hains, said that 34,000 litres of water has recently been captured from the system and delivered to Lily Lake at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, providing much needed respite from the drought. Nymphea Lake is home to a variety of bird life and a beautiful collection of Water Lilies. “We are delighted to receive this water which will make a positive contribution to the health of our lake system”, said Richard Barley, Director of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.