MICM Property Owners Corporation Spreads Its Wings To Docklands

palladio, boyd, New Quay, Docklands, MICM PropertyThe most recent addition to our portfolio of properties managed by the Owner Corporation department at MICM Property is the Boyd, Palladio, Sant Elia complex in New Quay, Docklands. This site is home to over 400 residential apartments and some of Docklands best restaurants.

MICM Property answered a request for a proposal by the owners corporation, we were selected out of five contesting management companies and awarded a Contract of Appointment commencing July 2012. We are in the initial stages of incorporating these buildings into our already expanding Docklands presence.

Along with The Arkley building next door, these new management acquisitions bring our business presence in the Docklands to over 1200 residential lots!

Our hands-on approach to building management and recognition of the numerous stakeholder interests in these types of multiple owners corporations set MICM property above the market in terms of value for service. MICM Property has also recently participated with the City of Melbourne and Origin Energy in an energy efficiency initiative for another of our Docklands properties.

More to come on Energy in our next report.