Present Your Property

How to Present Your Property for Lease

First impressions are critical when a prospective tenant inspects your property!

There is no doubt that well presented and maintained properties achieve better rental returns and usually attract a better quality tenant. MICM Property believes that tenants are more likely to care for a property, if the Landlord has presented the premises in a clean and tidy condition at the commencement of the lease.

It is recommend that property be professionally clean throughout including carpets/blinds/drapes/ curtains. A receipt to be provided to the managing agent as an evidence that the property was clean by a professional cleaner, as this helps reduce any argument tenants may have state the property wasn’t clean at commencement of the tenancy, and a bond application may have to make to the tribunal (VCAT) for compensation for untidiness or unclean at the end of the tenancy.

Below are specific areas for attention when organising a professional cleaner to clean:


  • Ceramic tiles to be washed (grouting may need special attention)
  • Carpets to be professionally steamed cleaned


  • Doors, windows, walls, and skirting boards should be clean and thoroughly wiped over
  • Dust and remove cobwebs


  • Ensure window furnishing are clean, dusted and wiped
  • Ensure all blinds/curtains in working condition


  • To be cleaned and dusted
  • Ensure all globes are working, including outdoor lighting, rangehoods & low voltage lighting


  • Exhaust fans, rangehoods – covers and filters are to be removed and cleaned
  • Oven, griller and cook top, including baking trays, should be thoroughly cleaned
  • Repair items such as dripping taps, sticking doors and drawers
  • Kitchen sink, cupboards, drawers and bench tops to be wiped clean inside and out, remove all dispose of items, including all kitchen cleaning products
  • Ensure smoke detectors are in full working condition and have new batteries in them


  • Grouting to be free of all soap residue and mould
  • Mirrors, shower screen, bath, basin and all tiles to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Repair items such as dripping taps, sticking doors and drawers


  • All rubbish to be removed. Car spaces should be free of oil stains


  • Mow and edge lawns, weed the garden
  • Remove any rubbish
  • Clean gutters and down pipes, unless carried out by the Owners Corporation

Maintenance item is another area that we suggest all owners should take care of and rectified prior to any tenancy starting. MICM Property is happy to assist if there are any outstanding repaired works that you need us to organise our tradesman to fix on your behalf. Please provide the New Business Development Manager with a written permission to do so along with the Sole Agents Authority.

The following things are Important and needs to be provided to MICM Property in order to facilitate the leasing of your property:

  • Sole Agent Authority completed along with Owner(s) Landlord’s Instructions
  • The Owner Corporation details with list of rules, and move-in procedure must be provided
  • The Building Manager’s contact number for tenant to book move-in to the building
  • Car-parking space number along with the remote control for access (if car space is including)
  • Storage cages lot number or storage cage number must be provided (if any including)
  • All remotes applicable to the use of Heating/Cooling units of the property to be provided
  • Swipe card/security key/proxy key to be provided to allow access to the building and any facilities the building may have
  • A minimum of 3 full sets of keys to be provided to the managing agent and the tenant, that includes all external doors, security doors, sliding doors, garage doors and windows
  • If the landlord has his own insurance policy taken out against the rental property then the policy certificate must be provide to the managing agent for records
  • Ensure all personal belongings and or furniture is removed from the property unless it has been agreed by both parties that the property is to be rented/advertised as a fully furnished property
  • Organise disconnection of all services – gas, electricity, water usage, telephone & pay TV
  • Organise mail redirection