Bond Payment Refund

In order for the speedy return of your bond please ensure that you follow the guide that is sent to you when you receive confirmation of your vacate date. This guide goes through what needs to be cleaned and taken care of. If you can please ensure that all the relevant keys, fobs, remotes and receipts are returned to us as well that would be terrific.

When you have handed the keys back into the office, the property manager will conduct a final inspection. They will contact you if there are issues relating to the property. From here you will be posted or emailed a Bond Claim Form. This form requires the signatures of all the named tenant, once we have all the signatories signed then we need to approve it and send it to the RTBA. As long as your bank details are filled out on the form then it should take 2-5 working days to get your bond back, longer if you require a cheque.

If you have any queries pertaining to your bond please either contact your property manager or RTBA on 1300 137 164 or via email at