Property Tips for Tenants

Are you thinking about renting a property? Here are some key points to consider for your tenancy.

At the beginning of the tenancy

• Read over and sign your ‘residential tenancy agreement’ form.
• Request and keep a copy of all signed documents.
• If unsure about any information relating to your tenancy, seek further assistance.
• Complete the ‘Condition Report’ for the property, also consider taking some photos prior to moving in.
• Contact your chosen utility companies to ensure these are connected before moving in.

During the tenancy

• Communicate with your real estate agent or landlord promptly should any issues arise.
• Ensure you pay your rent on time
• Keep records of rental payments
• Ensure property is maintained and satisfactorily clean
• Ensure you have written permission from your landlord if you wish to sub-let or reassign the tenancy agreement to another person.
• Inform your agent or landlord should you need any maintenance or repairs done, ensure all requests are in writing

At the end of the tenancy

• Provide adequate when planning to vacate the property. The notice period depend on the circumstances for leaving.
• Ensure outstanding rent is finalised.
• Confirm your responsibilities for property utilities
• Ensure property is thoroughly cleaned & carpets have been steam-cleaned, including taking photos if you think it may be appropriate.
• Remove all your belongings when leaving
• If you have paid a bond, fill in the ‘Bond Claim’ form and hand over to your agent who will post it off to the RTBA for you.

If you are unsure about some of the above information you can discuss these further with your real estate agent or the following contacts might be of use for when renting a property in Victoria.

Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA)

Phone: 1300 137 164

Tenants Union of Victoria (TUV)

Phone: 03 9416 2577

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

Phone: 03 9628 9800 or
1800 133 055 (country callers)

Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV)

Phone: 03 9205 6666