Waste Not – Want Not” – High Rise Recycling

Trecycle, high rise recycling, apartments recyclinghe Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund is a $5.5 million Victorian Government initiative aimed at assisting councils in metropolitan Melbourne deliver best practice waste collection and management systems in line with the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Strategic Plan. It will work in coordination with other Victorian Government programs to achieve this.

Municipalities were required to make a submission to the Victorian Government in order to access this fund. Late last year, the City of Melbourne enlisted the support of Melbourne real estate agency MICM Property in making their grant application. The Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith, has announced the successful first and second round applications to the Fund.


City of Melbourne  Improving recycling in high rise residential buildings $175,635


As a result of their award, the City of Melbourne has selected 20 of MICM Property’s Owner Corporate managed properties to participate in the High Rise Recycling Project. The buildings are predominately in Southbank for the pilot phase of the project but will extend to over 80 city buildings once fully functional.


What will the building receive?

As stated above, the project is funded by City of Melbourne and the State Government. This means that our buildings will be eligible to receive signage, educational materials and recycling infrastructure, such as crates or bins, at no cost.

  • an initial visit by the City of Melbourne waste management consultants, where they will assess the existing recycling system
  • a ‘Recycling Scorecard’ showing current recycling performance
  • recommendations on how to improve your building’s recycling system
  • assistance in implementing the recommendations that you agree to undertake, including free signage, educational materials and recycling infrastructure, such as crates or bins
  • a follow-up site visit
  • a final ‘Recycling Scorecard’ and certificate of participation.


Why do it?

Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per head of population in the world, and ranked second, behind the USA, in terms of domestic waste generation. Every year each Australian sends around 3.5 kilograms of steel cans to the landfill. That is enough steel to make 40,000 fridges!

  • Making recycled paper can use up to 50% less energy and 90% less water than making it from trees.
  • Recycling aluminium to make aluminium cans saves 95% of the energy used to make the cans from bauxite.
  • Recycling PET (plastic) bottles saves 84% of the energy it takes to make the bottles from raw materials.
  • Recycling glass saves 74% of the energy it takes to make glass from raw materials.

The current situation

The City of Melbourne manages a contract with CityWide Service Solutions to collect waste and recyclables across the municipality. Each year the City of Melbourne collects:

  • 22,000 tonnes of residential waste and recyclables from households
  • 5,000 tonnes of general waste and recycling from public litter and recycling bins throughout the municipality
  • 1850 tonnes of waste from CBD businesses that choose to take up Council’s free weekly 120 litre rubbish bin and cardboard / paper collection.

Prior waste evaluation processes have shown that in most high rise buildings, it can be seen that the recovery rates for recycling are within the range 40% to 60% and for paper/cardboard are between 25% to 30%. One reason for the low recovery rates in the high rises could be the ease of disposing all waste material down the garbage chute on each floor rather than carrying recycling and paper /cardboard down the lift to the waste disposal area in the underground car parks.


MICM Property Benefits

One of the outcomes of this project will be the installation of MURFE’s in apartments. To assist with disposing of recyclables, apartments will be offered new portable containers that make handling easier, stop drips and soiling of carpets in common areas and don’t contaminate the recycle bins with plastic bags.

Through strategic alliances with many public and private service providers, MICM Property are able to include properties in programs. For further information or an obligation free discussion on how we can assist your Owners Corporation please call (613) 9697 8888.