Water Saving – Fire Sprinkle Program Cuts Water Use by 59%

Working with South East Water, MICM Property Owners Corporation actively participated in South East Waters Fire Sprinkler Program. The program is designed to assist buildings in making adjustments to their fire sprinkler systems to save water, without compromising the effectiveness of the buildings fire-protection system.


South East Water’s program identifies ways to cut down on water wasted during fire sprinkler testing. Typical measures include: Careful
valve pressure reduction to reduce water flow Adjusting and recertifying fire water pumps from weekly testing to monthly testing Recapturing and recycling test water (where possible).


And the results? Water consumption at The Sentinel building reduced water use from 1.7 million litres per year to just 710,000 litres per year – a 59% water reduction. Owners Corporation is delighted with this result and is adopting this program at other MICM Property residential buildings. If everyone pitches in and does their bit, we can all conserve Melbourne’s water supply.