When the space is right… try apartment living

apartment livingDownsizing, economising or just convenient living, apartments are an appealing choice when location and lifestyle counts most.

If you’re considering the choice between renting a house versus an apartment, some main differences can influence your decision.

As a tenant you will need to maintain gardens and lawns and there’s a greater responsibility for house security compared to apartment living. In contrast, apartments have garbage chutes, and layers of security where you can easily lock up and forget when you’re away.

As a tenant, you can affordably access a range of amenities that most house dwellers could only dream of. A pool, spa and gym and green outdoor space are usually features of apartment buildings and the upkeep of these is also done for you.
But what really appeals most about apartment living is the convenience and proximity to work, study and entertainment. Apartments are normally concentrated in desirable locations, close to shops, public transport, restaurants and theatres. Minimal time is spent on a daily commute compared to living in suburban areas.
Young families can also benefit from apartment living. Being close to inner city brings access to entertainment and services tailored for families. Libraries have a multitude of programs for children and the reduced commute time means more available time to spend with family. Similarly, once young adults leave the larger family home, downsizing to an apartment is often a preferred choice for older parents who want a low maintenance and convenient lifestyle.
One distinct advantage of apartment living is reduced costs compared to renting a house, particularly when students share the space. One consideration though is the average apartment floor space is smaller than a house so some thought to how the living space is structured needs to be factored in.
Sub-letting an apartment is illegal In Australia, and agencies encourage all renters to be placed on the lease to ensure their own protection. In the event of damage to a premises or a broken lease, the burden is carried equally by all tenants on the lease.
Apartment living attracts diversity of needs, cultures and lifestyles. It can connect communities and offer every conveniences of vibrant, accessible inner city living.