If your property is part of an Owners Corporation, the building and common areas will be insured under the policy obtained by the Owners Corporation. To further protect your investment, you should obtain a Rental Provider Contents Insurance policy to cover your items within the apartment such as, carpet, blinds and light fittings. The policy also provides cover for public liability should a tenant or visitors injure themselves within your property. A further significant benefit of the cover is it protects you against a financial loss if the tenant defaults on rental payments.

If your property is not part of an Owners Corporation, it is important that you obtain Rental provider’s Building and Contents insurances to protect you against unexpected physical loss or damage to your property. Cover also includes loss of rent and public liability. 

CCI can obtain a quote on your behalf, MICM can arrange this for you, if you would like them to do so, please contact your Property Manager or direct your enquiry to the CCI via the following email address; info@ccins.com.au

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