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It is a privilege for us to write this letter to you. Employees like, Doris Chang, Alice Chang and Frank Leung along with Nick Yates from Central Equity, Southbank Grand 151-City Road Southbank, which work with sheer dedication are an asset to the organization. 
They made the process easy and enjoyable. The way that they handled organizing our girls moving into the building gave us, as parent’s confidence, trust in the organization for providing a safe and secure environment. 
It is to their credit that we have decided to purchase an apartment. Again through the whole purchase process Frank, Doris and Alice with their professionalism and their sheer passion to see clients satisfied made the whole experience trouble free. We would like to extent our gratitude to the company and all staff, which we will highly recommend to our friends and family. 
We just would like to mention again our thanks to Doris, Alice, Frank and Nick Yates.

Congratulations for your excellent customer service.

Frank, Paula, Emilia Honey and Lily Rose.

Hi Pamela

Karen and I are very impressed for your fast, professional organisation to have these faults corrected.
We will keep you informed of progress.


“I am sending a quick note to say I love working with Julien. He is so very pleasant and positive! He has been a wonderful help to me.

Make sure MICM hangs on to him with both hands.

Best regards



Thank you very much for your kindness and help in my property search.

Kind regards


“No problem Jo.

I must say we are very happy with MICM. A pleasant change from the previous agency which we dealt with at Melbourne.”


“Attention Management. Today I entered your premises for the first time to complete an errand. The staff at your property rental desk are an asset to your business. They were professional, kind, prompt and efficient. Whenever I encounter such a high standard of customer service I always endeavor to offer positive feedback. What a lovely team you have, if I ever require your services your company will be up there with the first I look up. Warm regards.


“I write this email to inform you how happy I am to work with Sonja Michels!

I am always treated with respect and kindness. Sonja goes out of her way to help my clients at every opportunity. Sonja is professional and friendly. She has called me on a Sunday to follow up to a question I had on the day before. She has sourced storage units solutions for parking spaces and generally makes my working life easier! All over and above her job description.

Over the years I have seen marked improvement when working with MICM. I like to think some of that improvment may very well be because Sonja is on the job. When I work with other MICM agents I know I can count on Sonja to gently guide them when there is a hurdle to be gotten over. When I speak of Sonja with other staff members I am happy to report they too think very highly of her.

In our hurried world we sometimes forget to say thank you. I always try to thank Sonja every time we work together. My most recent experience called for this email. It is important to let the people we work with know how valuable they are to us.

Please pass on my sincere gratitude to Sonja Michels for a job well done.

Best regards,


“Hi Emma,

I just wanted to say thanks for all your assistance with the leasing of my new apartment.

You were a great help and I appreciated your honesty and professionalism.

Thanks again and kind regards,


“Hi Jessica,

We finally got the bond back. Again, many thanks for all your help. You’ve been great with us and we really appreciate it.

You have certainly change my mind about real estate agents  and if I go back to Melbourne one day (which I’d love to), most certainly will do business with MICM again.


“Dear Veronica,

Thank you for your help on the inspection of Eureka. I have seen many agents here but you took care of me most nicely. Thank you.

The property looks good for me.
Thank you also for your information on another property. I will look into them.


“Thanks Jackie(Reception)

Nice to see you again, was always good to see you smiling in the mornings. It brightened up my day”


“Dear Madam,

Today I finalized a home search process by signing a lease agreement at your firm and I would especially like to highlight the assistance provided by one of your staff, Iswor. Without his support along the way this would be much more difficult. I am in the process of relocating from PwC Prague office to the Melbourne office, having a limited timeframe to secure a permanent address and as you know for sure, finding a place to live can be quite frustrating.

However, Iswor was very helpful along the whole process and very polite and positive person to deal with. He was able to propose alternative solutions to any of my issues resulting in me being able to sign the lease agreement successfully today. I would like to make sure that Iswor’s performance at your firm is adequately compensated because his client relationship, problem solving and communication skills are on a very good level. Would be great if you consider this feedback during your performance appraisal process. Thanks.”

Marek Mydlar

“You’ve definitely won a customer for life!”


“I was just looking to give some feedback about our dealings with your staff at the Mainpoint office and in particular Robert Au in relation to prospectively leasing an apartment in the Mainpoint building.

While in the end we did decide to go with another apartment as we managed to get very lucky and find one that was significantly discounted and larger with MICM, Robert was absolutely fantastic to deal with. He was very friendly and knowledgable and was able to find an apartment for us that was pretty much perfect. He was also able and willing to answer all our questions and was very accommodating every time we pestered him about further inspections or changing dates etc. I feel like we were pretty inconvenient for him and he was nothing short of amazing to us so I thought the least I could do would be to give some very positive feedback and say that I would definitely look to and would recommend MICM Property to friends for leases in the future.

Best regards”


“My husband and I met Julian back in December when we first looked at Vue Grand. I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how impressed we were with Julian and his work ethic. We currently live in Brisbane and have to relocate to Melbourne in the next 2 weeks for my husbands work and when we saw Julian in December he was an absolute delight to deal with and a “very good operator”. He was very attentive to our needs, listened and gave us great advice which is what we need as we are not locals. He was very accommodating and also followed up with a phone call even though he didn’t have to and has done nothing but provide us with assistance and has gone out of his way time and time again even though we have chosen a property from the other office.
So I wanted to quickly send you this email to give you feedback on Julian as he is a great asset to MICM.
Thank you for allowing Julian to follow up on my issue I really appreciate it.”


“Thank you for your time and help over the last few weeks, you have been great and it is unfortunate you won’t be my real estate agent (there are very few good ones out there).

All the best for you and your family this Christmas and New Year”


“Thanks for all of your help, Emma. You have been the most helpful person I have spoken to with regards to all of this. I will pass on the details to my son. Sharma.”

“Hi Steph, I have been dealing with the applicant Steven Grieg whom you showed this property to. He was mighty impressed with your professionalism when were showing the property to him.  You were not frazzled at him being quite late, or the fire alarms going off, but stayed calm and maintained, a pleasant demeanor the whole time. Well done!! Chrise Marshman.”

Great news! Thanks heaps for your help with this rental Robert. Thanks again mate, very impressed with your service.

“Hi MICM Property Leasing, I would like to thank the team at MICM Property – Southbank Leasing Office on City Road. I viewed several Properties over the last 2 weeks and the Customer Service was excellent. I was just about submit Application for Property yesterday for my 2nd and 3rd Preferences, but my 1st Preference already responded, so I didn’t actually submit an application to MICM Property. Please congratulate your team on its great service and when I look for a property in the future I will come to MICM Property 1st. Thanks CJ.”


“Hi Alice, would like to thank you for your speedy processing and follow-up on the leasing of the property 301/58 Jeffcott Street, West Melbourne. I truly appreciate your taking up the matter in your hands and working on it with amazing pace. Thanks and Regards, Silvy John.”


“Thank you again for all the assistance you and your office has provided. Please note that it was the Friendliness and Professionalism of the Southbank & Whiteman Street offices that made us continue seeking a rental apartment with MIMC. Regards, Troy.”


“Hello Anita,

Thank you for showing me around yesterday. I found you to be very professional and honest. If I decide to lease a property in Melbourne I will using your services. Please keep me informed of any apartments that become available in “your properties. PS. Hope you enjoy your day off today. Cheerio. Philip Sutton”


“Dear Sonja,

So lovely to see you yesterday. I appreciate very much the service your company offers to our clients, especially the urgency yesterday.”

Relocation Agent


“Good afternoon Linda,

All signed and set, I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou for your patience and all your assistance you have given to both Rick and I. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with someone who was both kind to our needs and professional in listening to the type of apartment that we were after and with in our budget. Ric and I have both been looking for over a month for a place and have had to deal constantly with rude leasing agents who will not listen and will not return calls. In some cases I have left up to 10 messages for call backs regarding properties. When dealing with you, you were courteous and always made an effort to return calls and emails promptly I would like to thankyou for this and wish you a wonderful rest of your day.

The staff at MICM are truly wonderful and professional people.”

West Melbourne


“Hi Sonja and Shannan,

Wanted to send a big thank you for getting (client) over the line two weeks ago.  I always ask for your help and sometimes forget to say thank you!

Big thank you for all you do for myself, ICC and our clients.

Best regards,”

Relocation agent


“…Many thanks Shannan for taking the time to show me around, much appreciated.
You seem like a really nice person, something generally lacking in the leasing industry : ) …”



“Great thank you Sonja!
… Thanks again for everything you have been amazing.”



“… During the past couple of weeks we have been in and out of the office many times to view properties and each time Emily has been very busy, yet always took the time to deal with us in such a professional, courteous and really charming manner. She also took the time to follow our visits up with a courtesy call. She is a big part of the reason we have pretty much limited our search to properties managed through MICM as we’re so impressed with the service…”

Kind Regards
South Melbourne


“Hi Sonja,
… I just wanted to write you a quick to say thank you very much for all your help….
I have visited all sorts of real estate offices a number of times over the last 3 months and I must say the level of service you provided me was the best by far. In your job you probably receive more emails of complaints rather than thanks so I thought I would be a bit different and say…THANK YOU.”



“HI Sonja,

… I’d like to thank you for all your help and assistance in securing the apartment on … and the excellent customer service you provided!“





“Hi Sonja,
… Just a quick note to thank you again for all of your hard work ensuring that all my issues relating to …. were addressed. I can’t thank you enough for turning this experience around for me …you are truly an asset to your company and went above and beyond the call of duty …”

“I hope the good karma returns to you, you definitely deserve it.”

Have a lovely weekend.


“Dear Shannan,
Thank you so much for your time. We are very impressed with your professionalism and patience working with us today
All the best and thank you again.”



“Hi Shannan,

Thank you so much for your valuable time yesterday with my client…
I really appreciated your time and did not expect that you would spend so much of your time with us.

Again, thank you for your input.”



Dear Sally

I’m most impressed that of all the Agents which I contacted, you have been the only one who not only phoned in response to my initial inquiry, but have also taken the trouble to advise me of the property’s status.
It is a shame more agents don’t demonstrate the same level of customer service!
My daughter and a work colleague have since found an alternative property. There was some urgency in the matter being resolved expeditiously on both their parts.
I will most certainly make note of both your name and the agency for which you work as my first point of call in the future.
Thank you most sincerely for your time and effort.
Kind regards

Marina Bassi

Emma Goldman:
Omg Emma – I’m so excited!!! This will be the start of another chapter for my little family!!! I’m so pleased and thankful to you and your staff being so helpful through this process.
I’m sincerely grateful.


Would like to pass on my thanks to Alice. She was a pleasure to deal with, made looking for an apartment easy and completely stress free. Her prompt responses to our questions and enquires will ensure we deal with her in the future.

If only there were more like leasing managers like Alice.



Hi Sonja,

I wanted to write you a quick note about my recent experience with MICM.

Following your introduction, I have been working with Hemant and Aashish over the last two weeks to search for a rental property in South Melbourne.

Both Hemant and Aashish provided impeccable service. They were very responsive, consistently keeping us informed as suitable properties became available for viewing.

Additionally, they were incredibly helpful and courteous, showing flexibility in organised viewing times that would fit into our availability.

Although we were able to secure an apartment through another provider, I would proactively recommend MICM in the future as a result of our very positive experience.

Kind regards,

Edgar Kautzner

Hi Sara,

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all of your help over the last few days – you certainly are a very good ambassador for MiCM – you were head and shoulders above any other company I dealt with.

Thanks again for a great job. Hope my feedback helps.

Mark Sullivan

Hi Sonja

Thank you for your assistance over the last year and a half. As I mentioned to you the other day, we have really enjoyed living in the apartment and have always found MICM a pleasure to deal with.

Please let me know if there is anything that I need to do from here to organise the handover of the property, or if there is any further information that you need.

Kind regards

Dear Alice and William,

Your kind, wholeheartedly and most speedy services for the rental management of my property is greatly appreciated.



Dear William,
Thank you for your help over the past week with getting my application to the apartment on Bank Street run so smoothly and efficiently.
Once again, thank you, and I wish you all the best.

Hi Julien,

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me with my apartment search and helping to finalise everything. I’m happy to be settling in (with my cat!) and appreciate all the work you did and your communications with me throughout the process.

It was lovely to finally meet you in person today!


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