Move on Good Terms

How to leave your lease the right way

Whether you’ve decided to buy your own place, need to move to another location or just feel like a change of scenery, leaving your rental property on good terms is easier than you think.

Here’s our handy checklist for doing it right:

  • Complete your “Notice to Vacate” paperwork. Remember you’ll need to do this in writing at least 28 days before you leave your rental. To make things easier we’ve got an online form you can access here.
  • Take an inventory of the property. Inspect the things you won’t be taking with you and ask yourself if they’re in good condition. Make a checklist of the things you might need to clean or repair.
  • Don’t forget the filters. Remove the cover of your exhaust fan for cleaning. Check the dryer and air conditioner’s lint filter and make sure they’re clean of lint.
  • Scrub the bathroom REALLY clean. Pay particular attention to your bathroom areas – grouting should be free of soap residue and mould, too.
  • Replace spent globes. Avoid having your landlord showing the place to a potential tenant and flipping on a switch only to find there’s no light.
  • Get your windows sparkling. These are often overlooked. If you’re too high up to clean the outside of the windows, just do the inside (vinegar and water works well). Don’t forget to wipe down the ledges, sill and grates.
  • Book a carpet steam cleaner. Best done after you’ve moved, MICM requires carpets be professionally steam cleaned (you’ll want to vacuum prior to this and make sure to provide a receipt when you return the keys).

How to get your bond back.

After your final inspection, and if there are no issues to address, we’ll send you a Bond Claim Form via email or post. Once all tenants have signed the form (don’t forget to provide your bank details) we’ll approve it and send it to the RBTA. You’ll then get your bond back within 2-5 days.

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