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Why Choose MICM to Manage Your Southbank Investment Property?

We know that you want a Property Manager who will maximise your investment value and minimise the day to day management hassles, right? With over 18 years experience with inner-city residential property, we have built Southbank’s largest portfolio of property managed apartments and complexes.

Benefits of Using MICM’s Southbank Property Management Services:

  1. Professional and experienced Southbank Property Managers  located throughout our inner city network. MICM is not a franchised organization – our staff work as one team to source prospective tenants for your property
  2. Dedicated Southbank Property Managers care for your investment, conduct regular rent reviews and routine inspections
  3. A consistently low vacancy rate providing peace-of-mind investment security
  4. Your Southbank Property Manager will handle all maintenance, invoices and payments on your behalf and deposit your rental income directly into your bank account
  5. MICM’s fully qualified property managers are skilled with knowledge relating to tenancy legislation caring for your investment and representing your interests
  6. We are open seven days a week offering leasing services and phone support
  7. Monthly statements can be received by email

Doesn’t your property deserve this higher level of service?

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