What do I do if I am locked out of my apartment during hours and after hours?

Sometimes a tenant may find themselves locked out of their apartment as they have lost their keys or mistakenly left their keys in their apartment. Should this occur during business hours, then the tenant should contact their property manager to see if the agency office has a spare set of keys available for the tenant to borrow. The tenant would be able to go to the office and present some personal identification to prove that they are a resident of the apartment and leave a deposit which would be fully refunded on the return of the keys.

Please note that the agency is not required by law, to hold a spare set of keys and if the agency does not have a spare set of keys then the tenant would need to contact a locksmith to gain entry and this would be at the tenant’s expense.

If a similar situation were to occur after hours then the tenant should contact a locksmith to organise entry into the apartment. The attendance of the locksmith would be at the cost of the tenant. The MICM’s after hours contact for a locksmith is available .

The tenant would also be required to pay for any replacement keys, swipes/fobs or remotes that may also be lost.

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